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Are you tired of weak 80% lowers that crack at critical points, break down under stress, or or corrode? We were too, so we developed this new corrosion resistant, brass reinforced, metal-polymer hybrid 80, we dub "The Liberator".

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Welcome to the home of the best 80% AR-15 lower. Ever.

We have the best 80% lower, bar none. We have created a lower that is truly easy to complete. We are ghost gun owners and love our  weapons. After milling and owning just about every 80% AR-15 lower in the market, we decided there had to be a better way. Aluminum lowers are very hard, and require more tools and supplies. Polymer lowers are weak at the receiver extension tube. So, enter our solution: the Hybrid-80 Liberator. Working in conjunction with Tennessee Arms Company, we have developed a metal/polymer hybrid lower. Every decision we have made in developing this receiver was geared towards two goals: 1. easy completion; 2. durability. We think our receiver is the best on the market, and we back it with a lifetime warranty.  

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